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Indian visa

I received my business visa to India yesterday night. Normally, this is a simple procedure: You present a few documents like an invitation letter from an Indian company, an application form and two photographs and pay the fee at the counter. You submit your passport in the morning, pick it up in the afternoon and off you go.

Of course things are not that easy if you’re a Hungarian national. Altough when I called them on the phone they told me the procedure would be the same for me, upon arrival they announced they would need one week to check with the Hungarian consulate. Oh and I would only get a single entry visa since the invitation letter didn’t say I have to travel multiple times (I do).

This was bad news because I submitted my passport this monday and intended to fly on sunday. Upon hearing this, the consulate clerk told me I could check back this friday and so I did. I had to sit around for two hours but finally I got the visa at around 6:30 in the evening, so tomorrow’s off to Bangalore!

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Who am I?


I’m Zoltan, or Zoli. Zoltan (the official and more formal version of my name) is a pretty common surname in Hungary and etimologically it comes from the turkish word sultan, which was the title of the ruler of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. The name found its way in Hungarian while the country was occupied by said Empire between about 1600 and 1750 and curiously, doesn’t seem to exist in any other language. You might have heard about are Zoltan Kodaly, whom I share my surname with, an acclaimed Hungarian music theorist of the twentieth century. 

Zoli is the nickname of Zoltan and my friends and family call me that way. Also, I found that in an English-speaking environment, people generally find it easier to pronounce Zoli (pronounce as: Zo-lee) than Zoltan, so I use it more often in those circles. Conversely, German-speaking people seem to be better at coming to terms with Zoltan, which makes me frequent the official version of my name while in Germany.

I indeed live in Germany. I graduated recently from college with a Masters Degree of Computer Science and started working at an IT consulting company in Frankfurt. Right now, I’m in Heidelberg on a project during the week and (usually) in Frankfurt over the weekends. You can find out more about me in the – surprise! – About me section.

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