Bangalore impressions #2

May 7th, 2006

So I’m back from my second trip to Bangalore. I got quite a bit of work done in the week while I was there and also managed to pick up a beautiful carpet and go to Delhi on the long weekend.

I found it interesting, that while Bangalore and Delhi lie more than a thousand miles from each other, both cities look strikingly similar, at least for the untrained eye of a foreigner. I heard from friends who are not from Europe that they thought Paris and London are similar, while for me they couldn’t be further from each other, so I can imagine that for someone who lived there, there are obvious differences between the two cities that I just couldn’t see.
I found that both cities grapple with the same environmental issue, air quality. The air in both Bangalore and Delhi is dusty in comparison with European cities. I think this is partly due to the climate (India seems to be low on humidity and relatively hot) and partly due to the poor infrastructure – almost none of the sidewalks are of concrete and some of the roads as well are of dirt. With the huge traffic both cities are experiencing, it’s easy to see how the many vehicles beat up the dust in the air.
People even in Bangalore were warning me of the weather in Delhi, as it can get up to 40 degrees Celsius (in the 100’s F) in the summer. Because of the low humidity (or because I just love warm weather), though, I did not feel the heat to be that taxing. I preferred the air-conditioned cars while there, for sure, but I did not feel the need to constantly drink water what you do when you’re in a desert. Overall, I was still comfortable with the climate there.

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